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How To Generate 10-20 Super High Quality Sales Leads Every Week

Doing marketing and being profitable is impossible unless you know how to get and maintain high-value customers on Demand. And Here’s EXACTLY how to do it…

From the desk of Ngozi Mary,

Tokyo, Japan

Dear Friend,


Right now, there has never been a harder time to add growth to your business.

Do you know that in the next 3 years, 74% of your advertising that currently generates customers will completely stop working?

We’re living in a rapidly changing environment. Just 3 years ago, Yellow Pages was in TWO volumes because so many businesses were advertising in them.


I have not received my 2024 edition.

Because it’s not working anymore!

With the marketing world constantly changing, it’s near impossible to keep up AND run your business at the same time.


Even just a couple of years ago, you could get to the first page of Google with a few simple tweaks. But now Google’s completely changed and it’s near impossible to get there.

And to make it worse, the change is getting faster and faster. 


Tell me, do YOU ever experience this in your business?

  • You’re always struggling with your marketing. You’re trying other ways to bring in customers, but haven’t been able to succeed yet.
  • Your business has somehow, “climaxed”. The first few thousand dollars were pretty easy. But now, you’re “glued” to the business.  
  • You’re making good money but now you’re trapped in the business. You can’t just take a month off and the business continues to run smoothly.
  • Advertising that used to work no longer does.
  • You depend on one source of customers, and if it stops working you could lose 40-50% of your business.

Well, if any of that resonates with you

I Totally Understand!

Let me say Bravo to your success so far, because it has taken me lots of years than I care to admit to learn what I’m about to share with you. 


Growing up, I was incredibly good at starting a business. Because I was there watching my mother do it. In 2013, I started a wig business importing from China to Japan. 

Shortly after I started 6 other businesses, including acting and movie production. But none was successful. Why? Because I didn’t think about the best ways to market my businesses. 


I went on FB, in-boxing people to buy my stuff, posting on social media for 90 days in a row. Got a few solid clients, then getting a NO, 99% of the time. To put it simply, everything sucked.

But then something changed. I realized that anyone who wants to build a solid business must have a solid marketing plan, and execute accordingly. I discovered how to generate clients on demand. And you can too… 


The fastest way to generate customers on demand, is by implementing an idea I call

The "Oil Stream"

And it can unbelievably increase the amount of money your business creates, get more customers on demand and let you leverage yourself out of your business. 

You see, until you can constantly spend $200 on ads, and generate $1,000+ in Revenue, you’re always going to struggle growing the business. And the hard part is that people are giving you varying advice:

The Organic Marketer guy says: You need to be giving away free strategies on social media to get clients. 


The Website guy says: Your website needs to look good to get customers.


The Adwords guy says: You need to be advertising on Google to get customers.

And look, it’s not that they’re all wrong, but they’re all trying to cover up the symptoms. 

Trying to stick a plaster over the problem.

And so you find yourself back at where you started:



And Frustrated.

Because there is so much junk advice out there, but none of it is specific to you, or your business.

And let’s face it, everyone’s business is slightly different. The solutions to your problems are different from John’s supermarket down the road. 

And that’s exactly why I’m going to buy you $1,000 worth of my consulting time to



Put Together A Specific Advertising Strategy

I want to have a real in-depth look into your business and how it works. And show you how to implement the “Oil Stream” in your business.


The “oil stream” is when you can generate clients and customers on demand. At the push of a button. When you can scale your business and leverage yourself out. And once you can implement it you’re going to have more freedom than you’ve ever had before. 

In this customer generation session, you’ll learn:


How to generate 10 to 20 red hot sales leads a week

Exactly where to find and target your customers


How to get them coming to you asking for help 

How to leverage yourself out of the business

Primarily it’s all about growing your Revenue. Scaling your business. Leveraging yourself out. 

So how would you like to have an International Meta Ad Consultant take a personal look at your business, and show you how to generate clients? 


  • Being able to make a 10-1 ROI on all your advertising. That means that for every dollar you spend, you make $10 back. If you spend $10,000 on advertising, you make back $10,000 profit. 
  • You’re making enough extra profit that you can afford to employ experienced managers who take 60-70% of your workload and give you 40 hours a week back.
  • And you can take all this extra profits and invest it in the property market building your property empire.
  • The possibilities are endless.

But What's In It For Us?

As a human being, you’re probably thinking, “Where’s the catch?”,  “This is too good to be true?” or “what’s in it for you?”… And to be honest, you’d be naïve if you WEREN’T asking those sorts of questions. 

So there are really three reasons why we would do this:


  1. First of all, I like working with success-driven businesses. It’s my passion. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning with a huge spring in my step.
  2. The second reason is because its how we make money.  We’re SO confident in what we do, that we work on a strictly performance basis. That means that we only make money when you’re making money.
We’ll come into your business, implement all these strategies for you and pay you up to 70% of All the upside. Basically for every $100,000 profit we make that you WOULDN’T have made if you didn’t work with us, we’ll pay you $70,000. 100% pure profit that you don’t have to do ANYTHING for. We do all the work, you reap all the benefits.

Absolute Zero Risk Guarantee

Here is the absolutely insane guarantee I’m prepared to add. If you’re the right business and check all of our qualification boxes we’ll work together.

And if after 6 months and we haven’t made you MINIMUM $5,000 that you’ve cashed into your bank account, we’ll cut you a check of $5,000 just for wasting your time. 



No matter what happens here, if you qualify, you’re going to make a MINIMUM $5,000. 

Now we’re not doing this because we like to mess around. We’re so confident in our ability to make you money. Not only will we put our “money where our mouth is”, and work for free (on a performance basis), but we’ll even cut you a check for $5,000 if we fail. 


How fair is that?

Here’s how this’ll work:

First you and I will get on the phone, 1 on 1, and go over your business goals.

I’ll take a look at where you’re at, what you’re doing and what you want to achieve.

Once we have those details, we’ll come up with an action plan that will generate you 10-20 Red Hots leads a week. 

And I say it again, there’s no charge for this. 

This is NOT for everyone. Here’s who I CAN help: 

You can see I’m a little particular about who I speak with so I’ve got a reasonable set of criteria to meet in order for us to proceed.

You’re open to new ideas and trying something different (specifically if what you’re currently doing online isn’t working)


You’re serious with your business. (This is not for people who see their business as a “hobby”). 

Your business should ideally be turning over $ 6 or 7 Figures or more already annually. 

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to me personally about getting you results, then I’ll be happy to set some time to talk. 

Here’s is how the process works:

First, you need to hit the register button below, you’ll be taken to an application form. Don’t worry it’s simple and straightforward. 

I just need to know what you’re selling, get an idea of what you want to accomplish,  and so forth.


Second,  once you fill out the form you get a call from me to help you generate a plan. It’s that simple.

If you end up becoming a client, marvelous!  And if not you will go away and implement the plan yourself which is cool too.

 After reading this whole letter and you want to get a session, just click on the button below to add your details: 

Warning: Time Is a Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results. 

Therefore, it is physically impossible for us to work with more than 2 companies this quarter. 

Also, realize there’s a very large demand for this type of performance marketing and what I’m offering is unprecedented. 

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long. So go ahead and apply now.