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Why I Started Meta Ads for Businesses

For two good years, I told myself the lie that some tell themselves, “I can’t learn and do Meta advertising”. I was afraid and didn’t want to face the elephant in the room. 

I thought it was tough to learn Facebook advertising and serve the businesses that needed me. 

A couple of businesses approached me to run their Meta ad campaign. And guess what? I had nothing to show for it. There was no certification to prove I could do the job and no results from previous work. (No result yet but I’ll get there). 

All these years, I told myself I would hire someone on Upwork or Fivver to do the work. But the problem was, that all of the businesses wanted me to run the ad campaign myself, not someone else.

I studied the Media Buyer course on the Meta Certification program two years ago. But I didn’t have the guts to take the final exam itself. The thought of taking the exam alone freaked me out.

The Wake-Up Call

Then a company contacted me to run their Meta ad campaign, cash in hand and ready to pay 5 figures a month. When I couldn’t show any proof of being able to do the job, they bailed. 

Then I figured, I could just go sit down and learn this Meta ad thing. I mean, didn’t post on social media seeking clients. I didn’t even talk about Meta advertising on my social media, except the little home page I set up. Yet, I kept getting 5 figure offers from businesses to do ad campaigns for them.

What Did I do?

I sat down on my laptop and started to learn how to run the Meta ads. Two months later, I took the exam and to my greatest surprise, I passed! I was screaming to myself, “I passed! I passed!”. It was unbelievable. I told my family and friends the good news, as well as shared it on social media. 

What I Learned

Once you have the desire to do something, don’t talk yourself out of it, go ahead and do it. 

There are no shortcuts to success. Even if there is a shortcut, there will always be consequences.


Ever wondered how some people are still using & profiting from some marketing and business strategies that you’ve tried that didn’t work? It’s simple, they know something you don’t know. And that ‘something’ is what I blog about here. Sibiarey Media helps you supercharge your meta-advertising make sense. 

Ngozi Mary is a former actress/movie scriptwriter turned Meta Advertiser. Her mission is to help people grow their business by using new Meta marketing tools and strategies. In 2019, she came online and quickly transitioned to an International Marketing Consultant. She landed her first client, who is a 7 figure earner in her first two months online.

Ngozi Mary, Founder